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14 February 2014 @ 08:38 pm
Title : Valentine's Blue
Author : infinitelaine
Pairing : Tegomass
Genre : Romance
Rating : G
A/N : Valentine special fanfiction! Comments are LOVE
Disclaimer : I don’t own them, even I want to. But this story and the plots are mine XD

“February is the month of love.” That’s what the article in the newspaper said.

Massu sighed when he read the article. He never thought about that at all. This year, he will spend the Valentine’s Day alone, again. It’s not like he wanted to spend the Valentine’s Day alone, he just couldn’t ask someone he loved to go out for a date.

“Oh.” Massu flipped the newspaper.

He thought about someone in his mind –Tegoshi, the only man that he loves all this time. He couldn’t confess because he’s afraid that Tegoshi will hate him. Tegoshi is his partner and his best friend. Massu afraid that he will breaks their friendship if he confesses.

On the other side, Massu wasn’t the one who thought about this thing. Who knows that Tegoshi thought about this as well?

Tegoshi sighed deeply. “I want to confess… but… I can’t…” Tegoshi said to himself.

“Massu only sees me as his best friend, I can’t break our friendship.” He smiled bitterly.

Both of them finally decided to not confess at all. They will always be a partner, and a best friend. No more than that.
Several days passed by. Finally, the “unwanted-Valentine’s-day” came. Tegomass were invited to a special talk show. Both of them smiled widely, without thought about that bitter feeling inside their heart.

“Good Morning! Today, we have a special talk show with Tegomass!” The MC shouted. Tegomass bowed and smiled.

“Thank you for inviting us!” said Tegoshi and Massu together.

“So, let’s start the show! We received so many love questions from fans last week. First, I will ask Tegoshi-san. This is a question from N-san who lives in prefecture X.
Tegonyan <3 I just realized that I’m in love with my best friend! We’ve been a childhood friend since so long! What should I do??
So, Tegoshi-san… your answer, please?”

Tegoshi smiled bitterly. The question was so ‘him’. He trapped in the same situation as N-san. How should he answer?

“Uhm… I think… you should confess to him… so, you will know about his feelings toward you.” Tegoshi answered.

“But it will ruin their friendship, right?” one of the MC asked.

DEEP! Tegoshi awkwardly looked at his hands. Massu sat next to him, and he knew that massu looking at him now.

“Uh… you must take whatever the consequences. If you don’t want to take any risk, you shouldn’t confess and stay as his best friend only. But… what if he’s in love with you too?” Tegoshi said.

Tegoshi tried to smile. He totally avoided eye-contact with Massu. He couldn’t see Massu in his eyes.

“Tegoshi? Are you okay?” Massu whispered as he saw Tegoshi acted strangely.

Tegoshi nodded.

“I’m okay. Thanks.”

“N-san, Tegoshi-san already gave you the answer. Tegoshi-san, have you ever been in this situation before?” The MC laughed.

“Eh?!” Tegoshi shocked.

He really wanted to change the topic. He didn’t want to continue this topic anymore.

“I have a different answer.” Suddenly, Massu shouted. He knew Tegoshi didn’t want to answer the question.

Well, actually, Massu was a little bit awkward too. He was in the same situation, but, he tried to cover Tegoshi.

“If I’m in the same situation as N-san, I won’t confess. I don’t want to ruin the friendship. Even I want him to be my lover. I will never confess to him, except if I know that he loves me too.” Massu answered as he looked around and nodded several times.

Tegoshi widened his eyes.

“Won’t confess, huh?” Tegoshi thought.

Tegoshi felt sad. He felt so mixed-up. He wondered if Massu knew about his feeling, so he answered like that.

‘Did Massu know about my feelings so he said that? Did Massu want our relationship is no more than a partner and a best friend? Did massu say that because he knew that I was confuse about confess or not?’ Tegoshi thought about so many questions in his mind.

“Tegoshi, are you sure you are okay?” Massu whispered again.

Tegoshi didn’t answer. He didn’t want to answer. He wanted to cry, but he couldn’t.

Massu knew that something went wrong. So, he whispered to the MC to stop the recording for a while. He said that Tegoshi was sick and couldn’t continue the show. The MC nodded and stopped the recording for a while.

“Tegoshi, you should take a rest now. The MC said we can continue after you feel better.” Massu said to Tegoshi.

Tegoshi bit his own lips. He stood up from his chair and went away. He went to a place where he can be alone. He was in a total bad mood; he didn’t want to see anyone now –especially Massu.

“Tegoshi…” Massu called Tegoshi with a soft voice.

Tegoshi looked at Massu for a second and looked away.

“What?” Tegoshi asked.

“I know you are not okay. Are you sick?” Massu worried.

“…” Tegoshi didn’t answer him.

“Today is valentine’s day. You shouldn’t be like that.” Massu laughed a bit.

“Gosh, because today is Valentine…” Tegoshi pouted.

“You can tell me if you have problem, Tegoshi. We are best friend, aren’t we?” Massu smiled.


Tegoshi wanted to punch Massu. He really wanted to say this: “Please don’t smile easily when you said that. Saying that we are best friend in this situation is totally ruined my feelings.”  But he changed his mind; he couldn’t say that to Massu.

“You can consult to Kei-chan as well.” Massu continued to speak.

Tegoshi shrugged.

“Tegoshi, please answer me.”

Tegoshi shrugged again. “Don’t talk to me now.” He said.

Massu held Tegoshi’s hand tightly. He shocked because Tegoshi went mad so suddenly.

“Tegoshi, I don’t understand you at all. Why are you mad so suddenly like this? And why are you mad at me? I don’t even know my fault!”

“Oh, please. I want to punch you really hard now.” Tegoshi finally spoke up. He hated that Massu being so insensitive.

“Tegoshi… please, at least give me the reason why are you being so mad?”

“Ck. Let me go.” Tegoshi tried to let his hand off from Massu’s hand.

“No, I won’t let you go! Tegoshi… what’s wrong with you?”

“Gosh! Why you never understand, Massu?” Tegoshi shouted. He started to cry.

“How can I understand if you being like this?”

“You already know right? So you answered like that… you hurt me!” Tegoshi raised his voice.

“What? About what?” Massu showed a confuse face.

“S-s-stupid!!!” Tegoshi cried loudly and tried to let his hands off again.

“I don’t understand why you’re acting all so weird like this.” Massu still held Tegoshi’s hand tightly.

“I already get enough of this. Just pretend that this conversation never happens. Let me go…” Tegoshi begged.

Massu looked at Tegoshi’s eyes deeply.

“Tegoshi…” Massu sighed and he hugged Tegoshi.

Tegoshi widened his eyes.

“Massu?”  He asked.

“Please tell me why you are being like this… I beg you…”

Tegoshi still cried.

“Please tell me the reason…” Massu looked at Tegoshi’s eyes deeply.

Tegoshi sighed. He couldn’t ignore Massu if Massu begged him like this. He finally decided to speak up.

“Massu… I love you… I’m madly in love with you… I thought you answered the question like that before because you knew about my feelings and don’t want me to confess to you…” Tegoshi sobbed.


 “You don’t have to answer. I don’t want to ruin our friendship… sorry for confess…” Tegoshi apologized.

“No… I love you too, Tegoshi.”

Tegoshi widened his eyes and he looked at Massu. He blinked several times, didn’t believe that Massu will answer that.

“Even I said I won’t confess if I had the same situation… actually, I love you too, Tegoshi… since so long…” Massu tightened his hug.
He smiled sweetly at Tegoshi.

“Massu… I can’t believe this… I love you, Massu… I love you so much… since so long…” Tegoshi sobbed.

“So, don’t cry anymore. Let’s continue the show recording, and after that…” Massu silenced for a while. “We can go for a date.” He whispered on Tegoshi’s ear.

Tegoshi blushed.

“Okay, Massu.” He smiled sweetly and kissed Massu’s cheek.

Well, who knows that this year will be the first Valentine’s Day for them as a lover? ^_^

--- THE END ---
Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!! Thanks for reading my fic!! Comments are LOVE <3

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