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14 February 2014 @ 08:38 pm
Title : Valentine's Blue
Author : infinitelaine
Pairing : Tegomass
Genre : Romance
Rating : G
A/N : Valentine special fanfiction! Comments are LOVE
Disclaimer : I don’t own them, even I want to. But this story and the plots are mine XD

“February is the month of love.” That’s what the article in the newspaper said.

Massu sighed when he read the article. He never thought about that at all. This year, he will spend the Valentine’s Day alone, again. It’s not like he wanted to spend the Valentine’s Day alone, he just couldn’t ask someone he loved to go out for a date.

“Oh.” Massu flipped the newspaper.

He thought about someone in his mind –Tegoshi, the only man that he loves all this time. He couldn’t confess because he’s afraid that Tegoshi will hate him. Tegoshi is his partner and his best friend. Massu afraid that he will breaks their friendship if he confesses.

On the other side, Massu wasn’t the one who thought about this thing. Who knows that Tegoshi thought about this as well?

Tegoshi sighed deeply. “I want to confess… but… I can’t…” Tegoshi said to himself.

“Massu only sees me as his best friend, I can’t break our friendship.” He smiled bitterly.

Both of them finally decided to not confess at all. They will always be a partner, and a best friend. No more than that.
Several days passed by. Finally, the “unwanted-Valentine’s-day” came. Tegomass were invited to a special talk show. Both of them smiled widely, without thought about that bitter feeling inside their heart.

“Good Morning! Today, we have a special talk show with Tegomass!” The MC shouted. Tegomass bowed and smiled.

“Thank you for inviting us!” said Tegoshi and Massu together.

“So, let’s start the show! We received so many love questions from fans last week. First, I will ask Tegoshi-san. This is a question from N-san who lives in prefecture X.
Tegonyan <3 I just realized that I’m in love with my best friend! We’ve been a childhood friend since so long! What should I do??
So, Tegoshi-san… your answer, please?”

Tegoshi smiled bitterly. The question was so ‘him’. He trapped in the same situation as N-san. How should he answer?

“Uhm… I think… you should confess to him… so, you will know about his feelings toward you.” Tegoshi answered.

“But it will ruin their friendship, right?” one of the MC asked.

DEEP! Tegoshi awkwardly looked at his hands. Massu sat next to him, and he knew that massu looking at him now.

“Uh… you must take whatever the consequences. If you don’t want to take any risk, you shouldn’t confess and stay as his best friend only. But… what if he’s in love with you too?” Tegoshi said.

Tegoshi tried to smile. He totally avoided eye-contact with Massu. He couldn’t see Massu in his eyes.

“Tegoshi? Are you okay?” Massu whispered as he saw Tegoshi acted strangely.

Tegoshi nodded.

“I’m okay. Thanks.”

“N-san, Tegoshi-san already gave you the answer. Tegoshi-san, have you ever been in this situation before?” The MC laughed.

“Eh?!” Tegoshi shocked.

He really wanted to change the topic. He didn’t want to continue this topic anymore.

“I have a different answer.” Suddenly, Massu shouted. He knew Tegoshi didn’t want to answer the question.

Well, actually, Massu was a little bit awkward too. He was in the same situation, but, he tried to cover Tegoshi.

“If I’m in the same situation as N-san, I won’t confess. I don’t want to ruin the friendship. Even I want him to be my lover. I will never confess to him, except if I know that he loves me too.” Massu answered as he looked around and nodded several times.

Tegoshi widened his eyes.

“Won’t confess, huh?” Tegoshi thought.

Tegoshi felt sad. He felt so mixed-up. He wondered if Massu knew about his feeling, so he answered like that.

‘Did Massu know about my feelings so he said that? Did Massu want our relationship is no more than a partner and a best friend? Did massu say that because he knew that I was confuse about confess or not?’ Tegoshi thought about so many questions in his mind.

“Tegoshi, are you sure you are okay?” Massu whispered again.

Tegoshi didn’t answer. He didn’t want to answer. He wanted to cry, but he couldn’t.

Massu knew that something went wrong. So, he whispered to the MC to stop the recording for a while. He said that Tegoshi was sick and couldn’t continue the show. The MC nodded and stopped the recording for a while.

“Tegoshi, you should take a rest now. The MC said we can continue after you feel better.” Massu said to Tegoshi.

Tegoshi bit his own lips. He stood up from his chair and went away. He went to a place where he can be alone. He was in a total bad mood; he didn’t want to see anyone now –especially Massu.

“Tegoshi…” Massu called Tegoshi with a soft voice.

Tegoshi looked at Massu for a second and looked away.

“What?” Tegoshi asked.

“I know you are not okay. Are you sick?” Massu worried.

“…” Tegoshi didn’t answer him.

“Today is valentine’s day. You shouldn’t be like that.” Massu laughed a bit.

“Gosh, because today is Valentine…” Tegoshi pouted.

“You can tell me if you have problem, Tegoshi. We are best friend, aren’t we?” Massu smiled.


Tegoshi wanted to punch Massu. He really wanted to say this: “Please don’t smile easily when you said that. Saying that we are best friend in this situation is totally ruined my feelings.”  But he changed his mind; he couldn’t say that to Massu.

“You can consult to Kei-chan as well.” Massu continued to speak.

Tegoshi shrugged.

“Tegoshi, please answer me.”

Tegoshi shrugged again. “Don’t talk to me now.” He said.

Massu held Tegoshi’s hand tightly. He shocked because Tegoshi went mad so suddenly.

“Tegoshi, I don’t understand you at all. Why are you mad so suddenly like this? And why are you mad at me? I don’t even know my fault!”

“Oh, please. I want to punch you really hard now.” Tegoshi finally spoke up. He hated that Massu being so insensitive.

“Tegoshi… please, at least give me the reason why are you being so mad?”

“Ck. Let me go.” Tegoshi tried to let his hand off from Massu’s hand.

“No, I won’t let you go! Tegoshi… what’s wrong with you?”

“Gosh! Why you never understand, Massu?” Tegoshi shouted. He started to cry.

“How can I understand if you being like this?”

“You already know right? So you answered like that… you hurt me!” Tegoshi raised his voice.

“What? About what?” Massu showed a confuse face.

“S-s-stupid!!!” Tegoshi cried loudly and tried to let his hands off again.

“I don’t understand why you’re acting all so weird like this.” Massu still held Tegoshi’s hand tightly.

“I already get enough of this. Just pretend that this conversation never happens. Let me go…” Tegoshi begged.

Massu looked at Tegoshi’s eyes deeply.

“Tegoshi…” Massu sighed and he hugged Tegoshi.

Tegoshi widened his eyes.

“Massu?”  He asked.

“Please tell me why you are being like this… I beg you…”

Tegoshi still cried.

“Please tell me the reason…” Massu looked at Tegoshi’s eyes deeply.

Tegoshi sighed. He couldn’t ignore Massu if Massu begged him like this. He finally decided to speak up.

“Massu… I love you… I’m madly in love with you… I thought you answered the question like that before because you knew about my feelings and don’t want me to confess to you…” Tegoshi sobbed.


 “You don’t have to answer. I don’t want to ruin our friendship… sorry for confess…” Tegoshi apologized.

“No… I love you too, Tegoshi.”

Tegoshi widened his eyes and he looked at Massu. He blinked several times, didn’t believe that Massu will answer that.

“Even I said I won’t confess if I had the same situation… actually, I love you too, Tegoshi… since so long…” Massu tightened his hug.
He smiled sweetly at Tegoshi.

“Massu… I can’t believe this… I love you, Massu… I love you so much… since so long…” Tegoshi sobbed.

“So, don’t cry anymore. Let’s continue the show recording, and after that…” Massu silenced for a while. “We can go for a date.” He whispered on Tegoshi’s ear.

Tegoshi blushed.

“Okay, Massu.” He smiled sweetly and kissed Massu’s cheek.

Well, who knows that this year will be the first Valentine’s Day for them as a lover? ^_^

--- THE END ---
Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!! Thanks for reading my fic!! Comments are LOVE <3

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Title : The Reason I'm Late
Author : infinitelaine
Pairing : Tegomass
Other Cast : Kei-chan & Shige XD
Genre : Romance
Rating : G
A/N : Beta-ed by cherribells THANKYOU SO MUCH! :) Love the TEGOTHER Oh btw, Comments are LOVE
Disclaimer : I don’t own them, even I want to. But this story and the plots are mine XD
Summary : Tegoshi came really late when NEWS hold a concert in Niigata. Everyone was mad at him and Tegoshi admitted that he was wrong for being late. But if you want to know, there's a reason why he was late.

Tegoshi admitted that he was wrong for being late. Manager-san, even Johnny-san were mad at him because of this. He came 30 minutes before the concert started and everyone was really worried that he didn’t come. But he’s glad that he could still attend the concert and meet the members and his Chankapaanas.

“Tegoshi, why are you so late today?” Koyama asked him after the show ended.

“Gomen, I fell asleep.” Tegoshi answered him honestly.

Koyama sighed. “Tegoshi, I hope you won’t repeat things like this anymore.”

“Hai, Kei-chan...” Tegoshi nodded.

“Do you have a problem? You can tell me and we can solve the problem together.”

Tegoshi looked at Koyama. He wanted to tell Koyama something, but he thought again and he shook his head.
“Nah, I’m okay, Kei-chan.” He said.

Koyama looked at Tegoshi with a worried face. “I know you’re not. Tegoshi, you can tell me anything. I won’t be a blabbermouth and you can trust me.”

“I always trust you, Kei-chan.”

“So, what’s your problem?” Koyama asked again.

Tegoshi looked around, checking if no one was there so he could tell Koyama everything.

“Okay. Kei-chan, I have a strange feeling right now.”


Tegoshi nodded.

“Yesterday, I was reading a magazine and I found some topics there. It’s about a “DOKIDOKI LOVE TEST”, and I tried to read it.”

“Ah, you are in love now?” Koyama smiled as he got more interested to this chat.

“I don’t know, Kei-chan. When I read the points one by one, the person I kept imagining was… Massu.” There’s a gaps before Tegoshi said Massu’s name. Tegoshi looked embarrassed.

“Massu?!” Koyama’s eyes widened.

“Why? You want to laugh at me?” Tegoshi glared at Koyama.

Koyama shook his head quickly. “Nah, nah, I’m not. And then…?” said Koyama.

“I was confused with my own feelings. I just love Massu as my best friend, as my partner, and.. Nothing more… until I read that magazine and Massu’s face kept popping in my head. I thought about it all night and after I fell asleep, I felt really tired that I didn’t want to wake up. That’s why I’m being late today.”

“Ah…souka.” Koyama nodded.

“But he’s a guy! And I’m sure he likes girls ! So Kei-chan, promise me that you won’t tell anyone about this okay?” Tegoshi showed a worried face.

“Don’t you think Massu can like you too?”

“There’s no way, Kei-chan! He’s a guy!”

“And you are not a guy? You are a guy and you like him. Don’t you think Massu can like you too even if he knows that you are a guy? I think you should talk to him about your feelings.” Koyama asked with a smile on his face.

“NO, KEI-CHAN!” Tegoshi shouted.

“Not a confession, Tegoshi. You're only telling him about your feelings, it’s not a confession. You know Massu a lot right? I think Massu won’t hate you even if he knows about your feelings.”

“Kei-chan... what should I say to him?”

“Anything. I can arrange it for you, but I think it will be the best if you use your own words and tell everything honestly to him. So I’m off now, Nyanta is waiting for me at home. Jaa!” Koyama took his bag and left Tegoshi alone, without listening to Tegoshi’s reply.

Tegoshi sighed. He didn’t know what should he do. One side of his heart, he wanted to tell Massu, but another side of his heart, he was afraid Massu would hate him.

“Oh-my-God. This is because that stupid “DOKIDOKI LOVE TESTS”!!!” Tegoshi shouted and he left the room.


“Tegoshi, have you told Massu?” Koyama asked Tegoshi the next day after he told Tegoshi to tell his feelings to Massu.

“Nope. I’m not sure I can tell him about this.” Tegoshi answered with an “X” sign.

Koyama gave him a weird look. Koyama sighed deeply. “If you don’t talk to him, you won’t get your lunch.”

Tegoshi shocked. “Kei-chan!!! What the-” he shouted.

“I will make sure that you talk to him so I can give you your lunch. Ganbatte, Tegoshi!” Koyama smiled and left Tegoshi alone.

“Kei-chan... why you are so serious…” Tegoshi sobbed.

He thought about it, whether to tell Massu or not. If he told Massu, he would get his lunch and Massu would know his feelings. But he didn’t have the courage to do that.

He thought for a few minutes until he made up his mind. “Okay. I will tell Massu.” said Tegoshi.

Tegoshi left the practice room. He walked around and searched for Massu. “Massu, where are you?~” He said softly.

He opened the doors one by one until he saw Massu. “Massu…” Tegoshi called Massu, but Massu didn’t hear him because he’s talking with someone on the phone.

Massu smiled a lot when he talked on the phone. Tegoshi got really curious that he tried to listen to Massu's conversation.

“Ne, I love you too.” Massu smiled. Tegoshi’s eyes widened.

“Is Massu talking to his… girlfriend?” Tegoshi worried. There were some strange feelings inside him. He wanted to know who was talking to Massu. He wanted to hug Massu and didn't want Massu to say "I love you" to anyone else beside him. He didn’t know why he’s being like that, but in simple words, his heart felt hurt and painful. Is he... jealous?

“Okay, bye.” said Massu and ended his phone call.

Tegoshi still kept his eyes on Massu. If he didn’t read that stupid “DOKIDOKI LOVE TEST” a few days ago, he wouldn’t be like this right?

“Tegoshi?” Suddenly Massu called him.

Tegoshi, who stood in front of the door, walked several steps into the room. “Massu, you were... talking with your girlfriend?” Tegoshi asked.

Massu nodded. “Yes. Why?”

Tegoshi was shocked. Like he thought, right? He couldn’t reach Massu no matter what. They were both guys and Massu was straight. There’s no way Massu would loved him too.

“Massu… I...”

“Are you jealous?” Massu laughed a little.

“Jealous?!” Tegoshi shouted. He shook his head several times. “No, there’s no way I’m jealous, Massu.”

“So... why are you here, Tegoshi?” Massu changed the topic.

Tegoshi shrugged. “Nothing. Bye.” He looked away and turned around.

“Tegoshi, wait wait!” Massu shouted and Tegoshi stopped his step.

“What?” Tegoshi answered coldly.

“Come here.”

Tegoshi got pissed with Massu, but because he loved Massu, he turned around again and looked at Massu. He walked toward Massu with a ‘why-are-you-called-me-again’ face.

“Here are my phone logs.” Massu showed his phone to Tegoshi. Tegoshi raised his left eyebrow.

“So?” Tegoshi asked.

“My girlfriend's name that I just called.” Massu looked at Tegoshi.

Tegoshi saw the first name on Massu’s phone logs and widened his eyes. “Kei-chan?!” Tegoshi raised his voice.
Massu nodded and showed his big smile. “Yes. Kei-chan is my ‘girlfriend.’”

“Are you serious?!” Tegoshi shocked.

“Are you jealous?” Massu asked curiously.

“Why... Kei-Chan?! Ah, you just deleted the last logs from your girlfriend right?” Tegoshi didn’t answer Massu question. He was really pissed off. Kei-chan? Wasn't Kei-chan the one who supported him?

“No.” Massu answered really short.

Tegoshi took a few steps and left the room. He cried. No, there’s no way Kei-chan would stab him from behind. It must be Massu who just tricked him. If Kei-chan really was in a relationship with Massu, why did he told Tegoshi to confess to Massu?

Tegoshi decided to go home. He didn’t want to stay here anymore and see Massu or Kei-chan. He took his bag and his car key and left Johnny’s Office.

“I must calm my mind.” said Tegoshi in his heart.

---The Next Day---

“Tegoshi, are you okay?” asked Shige suddenly.

Tegoshi nodded. “Yes, I’m okay, Shige.” He lied. He didn’t okay at all. His heart and mind were all messed up.

“You look pale.” Shige showed a worried face.

“I’m okay, Shige.” Tegoshi smiled bitterly. “Thanks for asking me.”

“Ah… Massu and Kei-Chan…” said Shige quietly.

Tegoshi glared at Shige. “Please don’t mention their names.”

“They’re waiting for you in the practice room.” Shige continued his sentence.

“I don’t want to see them now.” Tegoshi got pissed off again.

“But they said there’s an important thing that you must to know. You should meet them.”

“Not now, Shige.”

“You are not curious at all?”

“No. not at all.” Tegoshi thought that the “important thing” must be the announcement of their relationship. No, Tegoshi would never want to hear it.

Shige grabbed Tegoshi’s hand so suddenly and ran toward the practice room. Tegoshi was surprised and yelled at Shige several times. But Shige still run and didn’t let go of Tegoshi’s hand.

They ran until they reached the practice room and Shige opened the door. Tegoshi didn’t want to look into the practice room. He didn’t want to see Massu and Kei-chan at all.

“SURPRISE!!!” Kei-chan, Massu, and Shige shouted loudly. Tegoshi, who didn't want to look at them, immediately turned around to see what the hell is happens here.

“Eh?!” Tegoshi got really surprised after he saw many roses in their practice room.

Massu walked toward him and hugged him tightly for a while. “Sorry for making you cry yesterday, Tegoshi.” said Massu.

Tegoshi was confused. “What do you mean, Massu?”

“We tricked you and you really got tricked, Tegoshi.” Koyama laughed loudly.

“YOU GUYS TRICKED ME?!” Tegoshi widened his eyes.

“I’m not.” Shige answered slightly.

“YES, EXCEPT SHIGE. MASSU, KEI-CHAN… WHAT THE...” Tegoshi kept raising his voice.

“I accidentally heard your chat with Kei-chan a few days ago. When you said that… you love me. Then I talked with Kei-Chan too after that. And I said to Kei-chan that I love you too, Tegoshi.” Massu said with a shy smile on his face.

“Massu…” Tegoshi lowered his voice and looked at Massu for a while. “But then why you guys trick me?!”
“Ah, it’s my plan. Tegoshi, you ALWAYS trick me and throw pranks at me. So, after Massu talked to me, I made up a plan to tricked you. Sometimes I need to get revenge too, right? Gomen, Tegoshi!!! Hahahahaha!” Koyama laughed again.

“Omg. Kei-chan, you really shocked me. I thought that you’re really in a relationship with Massu. I almost hated you, Kei-chan!!” Tegoshi yelled honestly.

“But finally you know Massu’s feelings towards you. You should thank me!” Koyama smiled. “Take your time with Massu.” Koyama whispered in Tegoshi’s ear before he left the room, with Shige following behind.

“So... There’s just the two of us here now.” said Massu.

Tegoshi nodded. He’s really nervous. He even couldn’t look at Massu directly. Massu already knew his feelings and finally he knew Massu’s feelings too.

“I will just say this to the point okay. Tegoshi, confess to me and I will be yours.” Massu smiled widely.

“Eh?!” Tegoshi was surprised with what Massu just said to him.

“Don’t you love me, Tegoshi?” Massu asked.

Tegoshi nodded. He’s just too nervous and he couldn’t say a single word.

“So, you don’t want to confess? Then… okay…” Massu sighed. “We will just be friends?”

Tegoshi finally looked at Massu.

“No. I don’t want to.” Tegoshi said.

“But you don’t want to confess.” Massu shrugged.

Tegoshi walked toward Massu and hugged Massu tightly. “I’m just too nervous, Massu. I’m so happy that you love me too. I’m so happy that you’re not seriously dating Kei-chan. Massu, please be mine. Please be mine only.” said Tegoshi.

Massu hugged him back. “What if I seriously date Kei-chan?”

“I don’t know. Both Kei-chan and you are just too precious to me. And if you betray me like that... I don’t know what I should do...”

“I love you, Tegoshi.” Massu kissed Tegoshi’s forehead.

Tegoshi smiled widely. “I love you too, Massu.”

“And… the reason you were really late when we held a concert in Niigata is because… you thought of me all night long?”

Tegoshi nodded shyly.

“Cute.” Massu smiled widely.


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13 March 2013 @ 05:55 pm
Title : Know Me More
Author : infinitelaine
Pairing : Tegomass
Genre : Romance , Slight Humor
Rating : PG-15 (Maybe?)
Warning : Un-Beta-ed. I haven’t meet anyone that can beta-ing this story. If you can help me, I’ll be really glad ^^ Sorry for my bad grammar lol
Disclaimer : I don’t own them, even I want to. But this story and the plots are mine XD
Summary : Massu is a cheerful person, but actually, he has so many secrets that no one know. Tegoshi gets curious and asks Massu to tell his secret to him, but Massu deny it and it makes Tegoshi mad. Finally, Massu did something unexpectly and he hopes Tegoshi will forgive him.


It’s already 10pm, and NEWS just finished their photoshoots. While waiting for their manager finished some things to do, four of them sat and talked about many things. They looked having so much fun. Koyama, as the leader, he listed their activites for tomorrow. Tegoshi played pranks at Shige, but Shige just laughed at him. And Massu, he ate his supper while looking at Tegoshi and Shige.

“Kei-chan, what are you doing?” asked Tegoshi.

“I’m listing NEWS activities for tomorrow. I’m happy that we’re getting bussier now” Koyama still looked at the paper that he held.

“As expected from our leader” Shige smiled at Koyama, even Koyama didn’t see his smile.

“Kei-chan, don’t be that serious. At least you must look at Shige while he talking to you” Tegoshi pointed at Shige.

Koyama nodded and look at Shige with smile. “Thanks, I want to be a good leader for NEWS, that’s why I must prepare everything really well”
Shige nodded back at him. They really missed a moment like this where they can talk and laugh together. NEWS has been passed their hard time and they can be like this because of their hard work and fans’ support. It likes a bond that can’t be separate between the idol and their fans.

“Koyama-san, Kato-san” suddenly, their manager called Koyama and Shige. They stood up and answered their manager with “Hai” and left the room.

“Massu, what do you think about it? Why manager-san called them but he didn’t call us?” asked tegoshi all of sudden to Massu who just finished his dinner.

Massu shook his head. “Wakaranai” he answered it really simply.

“Massu, answered me longer” tegoshi pouted. Massu just show his wide and sweet smile.

“Massu, what will you do when you get home?” asked tegoshi, changed the topic.

“Mm.. Sleep? I’m so tired because today activities. We’re getting busier now, right?” Massu looked at tegoshi.

Tegoshi nodded as he agree with Massu’s answer. “You right. But I’m happy we’re getting busier now. It means we already back to usual work again”

“Hai hai”

After Massu answered it shortly, the atmosphere was somewhat being awkward. They keep silence for few minutes until Tegoshi got a topic in his mind and asked Massu about it.

“Massu, Massu. Tell me some of your secrets”

“Eh?” Massu looked a bit surprised.

“I think you have so many secrets and you hid it from all of us. Can I know one or two ?” Tegoshi got really curious about it. They have been together more than 10 years, but he thinks Massu never talk about his personal life to him.

“Nah, I don’t have that much secrets. And I don’t think you should know about it. It unnecessary for you to know” Massu smiled sweetly as usual, but Tegoshi just pouted because of that.

“Massu, We are good friends aren’t we? You know so much about me, but why I can’t know anything about you?” asked Tegoshi, still pouting.

Massu laughed slightly. “Tego, I just think that my personal life is unnecessary for you. Yeah, we are such a good friends and I know so much about you”

Tegoshi got mad because of it. He felt that Massu didn’t believe him, if Massu believe him, he’s sure that Massu will talk more about his secrets and his personal life to him
“Have you ever talk about it to Kei-chan?” asked tegoshi, annoyed.

“Nope. I never talk about my personal life to anyone” Massu answered him honestly.

Tegoshi sighed.

“Tego, are you getting mad?” Massu asked directly to him after he heard the younger one sighed.

“No” Tegoshi lied. Yes, he’s mad at Massu. Why can’t a best friend know more about each other?

“Yes, you are. Why you getting mad so suddenly?”

“Massu, you just don’t understand”

“I don’t understand why you’re mad”

Tegoshi annoyed about how Massu didn’t understand his feelings. Massu should be the one who understand him, but why is he so insensitive?

“I want to see Kei-chan now. Bye” Tegoshi stood up and took his bag. He thought it would be better if he went to see Koyama now than getting madder at Massu, who didn’t understand anything.

“Tegoshi, chotto matte” said Massu behind him. Tegoshi widened his eyes, surprised with what Massu did to him. Massu hugged him from behind tightly, and somewhat made his heartbeat throbbed faster.

“Ma-massu, wh-what are you doing so suddenly??” said Tegoshi.

Massu didn’t answer him and just hug him tighter. Tegoshi felt Massu’s breathe on his ear and it made his heartbeat throbbed faster, faster, and faster.

“Massu, don’t be like this..” Even tegoshi said this, honestly, he felt some happy feelings inside of him, because of Massu’s hug.
“Tego, do you really want to know more about me?” Massu whispered on Tegoshi’s ear.

Tegoshi said nothing but nodded slightly. Yes, he really wanted to know. Really, really wanted to.

Massu kissed Tegoshi’s neck so suddenly; he kissed it softly and deeply. Tegoshi was really surprised that he didn’t know what he should do. The way massu kissed him really made tegoshi had a weird feeling. No, he didn’t hate it. But he didn’t know is he liked it or not.

“Massu” said tegoshi softly.


“I want to know more about you” said tegoshi. Massu keep kissing his neck, and the back of his ear. Tegoshi moaned a little.
Massu smirked. “I will let you to know me more”, he said.


The door opened and Massu released tegoshi from his hug, after he heard the door opened.

“Tegonyan? Massu? You’re still here?”

“Kei-chan !! You freak me out !!” Tegoshi yelled at Koyama who just entered the room. Tegoshi blushed, and Massu too.

“What are you guys doing here? I thought you two already go home”

“We.. wait for you and Shige here” Massu answered it. Honestly, no, he never wait for Koyama nor Shige.

“Really? Woah. I’m happy to hear it. But Shige already go home a few minutes ago”

“I-it’s okay” Tegoshi smiled, covered his embarrassment.

“Are you okay? You seems nervous” said Koyama while he looking at tegoshi.

“I’m okay. It just because the weather so hot” Tegoshi laughed, and Massu followed his laugh too.

“Then.. want to go home now?” Koyama asked.

Both Tegoshi and Massu nodded. “Yes. Ofcourse. Haha”

“Why the atmosphere got really awkward after I entered this room huh?”

“No no. it just your feeling, Kei-chan!” Tegoshi yelled at Koyama.

Koyama took his bag and his car key. “I will take you both home. Let’s go” He left the room and both Tego and Massu sighed deeply.

“Ah, it freaks me out!!” said tegoshi.

“lol. I feel the same too” Massu looked at tegoshi.

“Let’s go home now. I don’t want Kei-chan ask anything weird to me” Tegoshi walked away from Massu but Massu followed him and kept up his step with Tegoshi.

“Tego, let’s continue at my house” Massu whispered on Tegoshi’s ear.

“Wh-what?!” Tegoshi widened his eyes.

“You want to know more about me.. right?” Massu smirked and smiled naughtily at Tegoshi.

*** THE END ***

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